Woman searches for stranger who helped her after frightening crash in Norwood


NORWOOD – A woman is searching for the stranger who helped her survive a frightening crash earlier this week. 

Cutting through the chaos, there was a voice, calm and caring. “My name is Ron. I’m going to stay with you….”

Karen McCarthy couldn’t get out of her car after she was hit by an oncoming vehicle Monday, but someone good found a way in to help her. 

“It’s terrifying to be in a crash for the first time. I was stuck inside the vehicle because my car was pinned against the telephone pole (on Sumner Street). A stranger popped the trunk open and crawled into my car through the backseat,” she recalled.

He stayed until help arrived. After an ambulance ride to the hospital, Karen realized she never saw Ron’s face. So, she posted on Facebook hoping to thank him. Now there are several hundred likes and comments, Norwood neighbors uplifted by this man’s kindness.

“I think it’s a nice reminder that we’re all human beings and we do still care about one another. There’s nothing wrong with stopping to help one another. We’re still like that. We still have that capacity to care for one another. Ron did that,” she said.

Karen can only recall his mentioning being an off-duty or retired paramedic or EMT. But this was more than training. And she won’t forget it.

“I really appreciate it. Thank you so much,” Karen said, sincerely.   

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