Twins earn valedictorian, salutatorian honors


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PLANT CITY, Fla. — Twins at Plant City High School earned the top honors of their class, ranking as the number one and two students, respectfully.

Drew and Bailey Blanton have always tried to do their very best in school.

“Growing up, we’ve always had a sibling competition,” Bailey said. “We didn’t want to be the worse sibling, but when we got to high school, we more encouraged each other, but you still wanted to beat the other one.”

The twins are seniors at Plant City High School. For an idea of their stellar school records, the Blanton twins have gotten straight A’s since the third grade.

“A little less of a competition, more just like a friendly rivalry,” Drew said. “I would say ever since third grade, we strived to get straight A’s, and of course, like she said, we got straight A’s not only because we wanted to learn and we loved school, just also because the other one also got straight A’s and we didn’t want to be the first one to get a B.”

On top of that, both Drew and Bailey earned an Associate’s Degree from HCC. The duo has encouraged each other along the way while also getting involved in school in any way they could outside the classroom.

“He’s President and I’m Vice President of our FFA chapter,” Bailey said. “Right now, I’m President and he’s Vice President of the National Honor Society at school, and you’re President and I’m Vice President of the Senior Class Council.”

Twins at Plant City High School earn valedictorian, salutatorian honors

Blanton Family

So, it’s no surprise when it came to the Class of 2022 top honors that the Blanton twins would end up one and two yet again. Drew was named Valedictorian, while Bailey is Salutatorian.

“It definitely did help having a twin sister along with you almost every single class because it’s just a great support system,” Drew said. “Whenever you need to ask for help or you just need someone to turn to, she’s always there, and it always made me feel better no matter how stressed out I was.”

After graduation, they’re both going to the University of Florida, but for now, that friendly rivalry will carry on.

“Obviously I’m very, very happy to be number two. It doesn’t help that he’s number one, but I’m very excited,” Bailey said. “This is such an accomplishment for both of us. I mean, how could I not be happy?”

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