Stimulus Check Problems: Chicago woman says she received $76 stimulus payment, not $600 as expected


CHICAGO (WLS) — The second round of federal stimulus checks are showing up in bank accounts or being sent through the mail, but some people are already discovering problems.

One Chicago woman said she only got $76 when she qualifies for the full $600.

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Christine H. said she received the first stimulus payment of $1,200 last year without any problems. But when the second stimulus check made its way into her bank account this week, she couldn’t believe it.

“I looked up and down for some more money,” Christine said. “I was like, this can’t be right. But there was nothing else there. And then I looked the next day and the following day, and it didn’t change.”

Christine said she earns less than $75,000, making her eligible for the full amount. She said $76 won’t make a dent in her bills, and she can’t understand why she received so little.

“I don’t owe child support. I don’t owe back taxes or anything like that, that the government could penalize me for,” she said.

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The ABC7 I-Team reached out to the IRS and a spokesperson said they couldn’t comment on specific taxpayer cases, but they did refer them to a section of their website called “Recovery Rebate Credit.”

According to the IRS, eligible individuals who did not receive the full amount of their economic impact payment can claim a recovery rebate credit on a 2020 1040 or 1040-SR form. The IRS said generally the credit will increase the amount of your tax refund or lower the amount of your federal taxes owed.

But Christine is hopeful it won’t come to that; she said she just wants the government to send the money they promised, and soon.

“Put that money in the bank account,” she said. “Put it in there and send it to those who need it.”

The IRS said as of this week people can check the status of both their first and second stimulus payments using the Get My Payment Tool at

Christine said she’ll continue to check her bank account every day because she can’t just settle for $76 from the federal government.

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