Prime Minister Scott Morrison responds


Scott Morrison has condemned the acts of violence in Washington DC, urging the US President to facilitate the “peaceful transfer” of power to a new President.

In his strongest comments to date, the Prime Minister took to social media this morning with a message for Donald Trump and is expected to have more to say at a press conference around noon.

“Very distressing scenes at the US Congress,’’ he said.

“We condemn these acts of violence and look forward to a peaceful transfer of Government to the newly elected administration in the great American democratic tradition.”

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Earlier, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull issued a more strongly worded attack on the outgoing US President and “the mob” laying siege to US democracy.

“Today’s mob violence at the Capitol is the culmination of Trump’s sustained assault on American democracy,’’ Mr Turnbull said.

“The President should call on the mob he incited to disperse and go home. And Trump’s supporters in the GOP and the media should reflect on what they have enabled.”

Mr Turnbull also retweeted former US President Barack Obama’s white house staffer Ben Rhodes claim that the US President should be removed from office

“This man needs to be removed from office. He is leading an insurrection against American democracy,’’ he wrote.

Mr Rhodes also claimed that today was a day of shame that would delight Russia’s leadership.

“This is the day that Vladimir Putin has waited for since he had to leave East Germany as a young KGB officer at the end of the Cold War,’’ Mr Rhodes wrote.

The chorus of condemnation from Australian conservative political leaders also including former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett who said President Trump’s actions were disgraceful.

“You can judge the calibre of a person, not when they win, but when they lose,’’ he wrote.

“We are fortunate in Aus, after an election invariably the losers regardless of their personal pain, accept the result, and society moves on. Pres Trump is a disgrace to all those he had the honour to lead.”

Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the terrifying scenes in the United States were an “assault on the rule of law.”

“Democracy is precious and cannot be taken for granted – the violent insurrection in Washington is an assault on the rule of law and democracy. Donald Trump has encouraged this response and must now call on his supporters to stand down,’’ he said.

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