Oz Lotto Powerball jackpot $20m tonight, draw details, winning numbers, results


A whopping $20 million is up for grabs. Last month, a young couple from Canberra won the same amount and it changed their lives.

A whopping $20 million is up for grabs in this week’s Powerball draw 1325, set to be announced on Thursday at 8.30pm AEDT.

It’s the ninth time this year a $20 million Powerball jackpot has been offered.

So far this year, 12 division one winning entries have scored more than $410 million in prize money.

Seven of those wins landed in NSW/ACT, four in Queensland and one in Victoria.

Early last month, on September 2, a young ACT couple were lucky enough to nab the entire $20 million prize to themselves.

But in a golden twist, in addition to winning the division one jackpot, the couple’s PowerHit entry also scored division two 19 times.

This meant they won an extra $8,050,000.

In all, they emerged $20,852,900.31 richer.

“Oh my god!” the Canberra man from the suburb of Belconnen told an official from The Lott after hearing the news of his windfall while his wife screamed in the background”.

“I saw I had two missed calls, and I thought, ‘who’s calling me at this time?’,” the main said.

“I thought, ‘I’m not answering this. They’re probably ringing with bad news’. I’m glad I answered now!”

“I don’t buy lottery tickets that often, but lately we’ve been like, ‘let’s just do it. Who knows?’.

“This is just going to mean a lot for the whole family.

“I want to help my parents and siblings. I want to buy a house for our young family. It’s going to make a world of difference.”

While $20 million is a huge sum of money, it’s not as large as the $80 million Powerball prize snapped up earlier this year.

A dad from North Melbourne who had lost his job because of the Covid-19 pandemic and was working as a cleaner to get by won Australia’s third biggest lottery prize in history in August.

The man had a one in 134 million chance of picking the right combination of numbers for the $80 million.

“I am so excited. I checked my ticket late last night. I couldn’t sleep after that!” the family man told The Lott.

“I lost my job during one of the many lockdowns here in Melbourne. We had only just bought a home and didn’t see it coming.

“I’ve been working as a cleaner ever since to make ends meet.

“Like for so many people, these lockdowns have been really tough for our family.

“But I’ve always said, you’ve just gotta keep trying. Now, look what’s happened.”

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