NewsPoll: Scott Morrison loses votes to smaller parties and Labor as next election looms near


The latest poll results spell trouble for the Coalition as Aussie voters turn towards an unlikely group of political leaders.

Scott Morrison’s re-election chances are on shaky ground as Australian voters turn away from the major political parties and towards fringe groups and independents.

The latest Newspoll shows support for political parties that fit in the “other” category – excluding the Greens or One Nation – has reached its highest level in four years.

Thirteen per cent of Australian voters now say they would vote for a smaller party such as the United Australia Party or an independent such as Zali Steggall or Helen Haines.

But the Morrison government has not fared so well.

The two-party-preferred vote remains in the opposition’s favour, with 53 per cent of Aussie voters saying they would vote for Labor at the next election and 47 per cent indicating they would support the Coalition.

Mr Morrison’s party would expect to lose six to 10 seats if this kind of vote was replicated at the next election leading to a resounding loss for the current government.

But it’s not all bad news for the current Prime Minister.

Following a week of summit meetings with other world leaders in the US, Mr Morrison’s individual approval rating has improved slightly.

There was a two-point rise among those satisfied with his performance as leader and a one-point fall in those dissatisfied.

Forty eight per cent of Aussies are now satisfied with Mr Morrison’s leadership and 49 per cent are dissatisfied.

And despite the Coalition’s plummeting popularity, voters still prefer Mr Morrison over Anthony Albanese as the nation’s leader.

Thirty four per cent of Aussies believe Mr Albanese would make a better PM, while 47 per cent believe Mr Morrison is doing a better job.

With the next election predicted to occur in early 2022, Australia’s two major political parties look set for a tight race.

The Australian’s Newspoll was conducted from September 29 to October 2 and polled 1545 voters across metropolitan and regional areas.

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