New Gordon Murray Automotive T33 supercar revealed


This new supercar could be one of the world’s most astounding new cars, with performance more like a race car than a road car.

The man behind the world’s greatest supercar has created his latest masterpiece.

Gordon Murray, the man responsible for the McLaren F1 supercar of the ‘90s, has revealed the new Gordon Murray Automotive T33.

The T33 is the follow-up act to the hardcore GMA T50, which was revealed in 2020 and engineered to be the most driver-centric supercar ever built.

Priced at £1.4m, the T33 would cost north of $3.5m once taxes and import duties are paid, making it one of the most expensive vehicles on sale.

Designed to be a daily drive, it is set to be more practical than the T50, but the T33 still packs a mighty punch.

The 3.9-litre V12 petrol engine makes an impressive 452kW and 451Nm. The howling V12 goes without turbochargers and can rev up to 11,100rpm. This is down on the T50 that makes 487kW and revs up to 12,100rpm.

Gordon Murray says the engine is the core of the vehicle.

“The engine is the heart and soul of any supercar. And to ensure driving perfection, it must be bespoke, and it must be normally aspirated,” says Murray.

It comes with a six-speed manual transmission, something Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren no longer offer.

Gordon Murray Automotive has kept weight to a minimum with the T33 weighing just over 1000kg, about the same as a small hatchback such as the Mazda2.

This helps it claim a monstrous power to weight ratio of 415kW per tonne.

In Australia, P-plate drivers are often restricted from driving cars with a power-to-weight ratio of more than 130kW/tonne, with cars above this considered performance cars. The T33 is more than three times this.

Wild aerodynamic features help keep the lightweight supercar pinned to the ground and improve its driving dynamics.

The T33 has seating for two, unlike the T50 and the original McLaren F1, which featured a single central positioned driver’s seat.

It does without touchscreens – which the company says is a distraction to the driver – instead everything is controlled by analog buttons and a rotary dials, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

“The T33’s driver-focused cabin enables each journey, no matter how short, to be relished free of distraction and it also provides the practicality for longer trips to be undertaken,” says Murray.

Even if you’ve got the cash ready to go, only 100 examples are set to be built.

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