Neighbors help neighbors caught in Omaha snowstorm


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Love thy neighbor; help thy neighbor. On Tuesday, we saw examples throughout the city of people helping people during an all-day snowstorm.

From a guy using his snowblower on everyone’s sidewalk to a driver stopping to help someone who’s stuck, many of us have been here before.

In the Old Market, UPS driver Darryl Stewart said he was appreciative of the help making roads easier to drive.

“With the UPS man coming through — that’s tough. When you get to the part that’s shoveled, it makes it easier,” said Stewart. “It’s the fractures we do every day to make it a whole for everybody. That’s the greatest joy I get from it.”

Twelve-year-old Maggie Naughton let us know of the dual purpose of wearing a mask. It keeps your face warm on a sledding hill.

“It’s just nice to get outside and get some fresh air,” said Naughton.

Now that the snow has stopped, Omaha Public Works officials say the private contractors are out. Late Tuesday afternoon, about 150 small trucks started working in the neighborhoods.

You’ve heard this before: If you don’t need to be out, it would be wise to stay inside.

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