Mark McGowan takes another jab at new NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet


A spear-holding WA Premier has taken another swipe at his ‘whinging’ NSW counterpart, this time ‘challenging’ him to a fight.

The West Australian Premier has taken another swipe at NSW, this time targeting the state’s new leader.

Mark McGowan was holding a spear from a Welcome to Country address at a new mine site in the Pilbara on Thursday when he jokingly challenged Dominic Perrottet to a fight.

“Anyone want to take me on? Where’s Dom Perrottet?” he said.

The pair have been at a war of words over GST, with the NSW Premier previously calling the WA leader “the Gollum of Australian politics”.

Mr Perrottet, who was sworn in as NSW’s 46th premier on Tuesday, spent years as state treasurer arguing for an overhaul of the GST system and has traded barbs with Mr McGowan over the issue in recent weeks.

The NSW leader has argued the existing allocation of GST compensation payments put a heavy financial burden on NSW and Victoria while Western Australia’s economy boomed.

“I’m not going to stand by and have NSW worse off because, while there might not be that much public interest in GST reform, it’s GST that pays for our schools and our hospitals and our nurses and our teachers and our police officers,” he said previously.

But Mr McGowan hit back, slamming the “whinging” NSW politicians.

“He (Perrottet) is a relatively young man so I assume he’ll be around in that role (for some time) – although NSW premiers turn over pretty quick,” McGowan joked earlier in the weekend.

“They’re like prime ministers, they turn over very quickly. So I assume he’ll be around for a while and clearly his sights are set on undermining our revenue, our GST.

“To be frank with you, I’m tired of listening to their whinging. They never stop whinging.”

Mr McGowan claimed NSW had poorly managed the Covid pandemic and were trying to blame Western Australia for the problem.

In the most recent state budget, while Mr Perrottet was Treasurer, he wrote that the allocation of the money was “inequitable and unfair to other states”.

In 2018, the Morrison government introduced a floor of 75 cents per person per dollar of GST to ensure no state would be “worse off” under the system, after WA’s share of GST fell to almost 30 cents per person per dollar after a mining boom.

WA’s record budget surplus has deepened a rift with other states after NSW and Victoria lashed WA’s special deal with the federal government to extract GST compensation payments.

Mr Perrottet has declared he is ready for a showdown with WA over the issue.

The disagreement between WA and other states has been brewing since the commonwealth government introduced the funding floor in 2018.

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