Man jumps in Lake Michigan daily despite frigid temps


WHITEFISH BAY, Wis.— Come January in Wisconsin, most people try their hardest to avoid spending too much time in the frigid weather. Most people enjoy visiting our state’s beaches and taking a swim in the Great Lakes during the warmer months. Justin Galloway is not most people.


Nearly every morning, Galloway hops into his 2006 Honda pickup truck, blasts the heat, and drives to a nearby park to jump in the icy waters of Lake Michigan.

“When you go in, there is something about that adrenaline or dopamine or other chemical reaction but definitely a euphoria. It’s fun; I love it,” said Galloway as he headed to the park.

For Galloway, it is part of a self-improvement challenge he committed to back in September. He made it his goal to jump in the lake 300 days a year. Weather does not play a big factor in deciding which days to go; most of the time he skips it is simply due to work or family commitments.

When he arrives at the beach, he takes off his coat and robe and descends into the 35 degree water. His time in the water is brief, but lasts long enough to swim around and record a video for Instagram.

“Getting into the cold water really forces me into the present moment; distractions are removed and you are just there with the lake,” said Galloway.

Even in below zero air temperatures, Galloway said he feels lucky to follow his goal and once he’s done, knows he will be able to stay warm— at least until tomorrow morning. ​


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