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KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — There is a house on the west side of Kokomo with a flag hanging off of it. It’s a blue flag with white letters and white stars across the top and bottom — and some of its letters spell a particular four-letter word that many find offensive. 

The city of Kokomo has demanded that the homeowner take it down, but the man, Brandom Adams, has hired a lawyer to fight the city. 

His lawyer, Jay Meisenhelder, says the language on the flag is protected political speech.  

“Granted, it is offensive to some people, but the Supreme Court has said (that) when it comes to pure political speech, which this is, you can’t censor someone just because the language is offensive,” said Meisenhelder. 

 The four-letter word is visible from across the street, and neighbors say that there are several younger kids in the area that don’t need to see that kind of language on display.  

The sign appeared about three weeks ago as a protest of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.  

“In a protest, he hung a flag on the side of his house that says ‘F— Biden and f— you for voting for him,’” said Meisenhelder.

The sign has attracted some unwanted attention to the neighborhood. Neighbors told I-Team 8’s Richard Essex that people stop and take pictures day and night.  

 The city of Kokomo has ordered that the owner remove the flag or face a fine of up to $1,000 a day.  

 The city cites a nuisance ordinance as the reason for the sign to come down.

 Bob Cameron, a former Kokomo city council member, lives right across the street and has tried to reason with his neighbor. 

“I just said it is offensive … I know from being on the council that there was an ordinance that covered obscenities on signs that we have here in the city,” said Cameron.

 I-Team 8 is told there were five other such signs in the Kokomo area, all of which have been removed with one exception.  

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