‘I still can’t get the blood off my hands,’ says mom whose 6-month-old baby was killed | News


ATLANTA (CBS46) — Atlanta police say they’ve arrested a man accused of killing of a baby boy in Atlanta. 22-year-old DeQuasie Jonathan Little is now in custody.

Police say six-month-old Grayson Fleming-Gray was caught in the crossfire of a shootout Monday. He was riding with his mother when bullets pierced their car.

Kerri Gray went back to the scene Tuesday morning, standing near the spot where her 6-month-old baby was shot and killed while clinging to his favorite toy.

“All these lights shine to make stars and moons,” said Gray. “This is how he went to sleep every night.”

The new mother was by the food mart in northwest Atlanta when she heard sudden popping sounds.

“When I went and opened up the back door he was slumped forward, and I thought he was asleep. And the bullet had gone through the trunk and through his eye and up his back,” said Gray.

Police say the pair were innocent bystanders, caught in the crossfire of a shooting. Grayson died at the hospital.

“I still can’t get the blood off my hands,” said Gray.

Grayson’s grandfather, a retired homicide detective, broke down at the crime scene.

“He was a 6-month-old baby. He wasn’t doing anything to anybody […] he just started to crawl. You knew he was he was finally started to recognize you when you came in,” he said.

Gray said the shooter needed to understand consequences.

“What you’re doing has collateral damage. I’m almost positive that that guy — whatever has happened, whatever was going on his mind — has no idea what wake he left behind,” said Gray. “Not only have you taken my son away from me, but you have caused fear for the people who live in this neighborhood.”

Now what’s left is the memories of her one and only son.

“He was very animated — the personality came out with him on day one,” said Gray.

Mayor Andre Dickens said the suspect has a criminal past and the city will be working on crime prevention programs. Dickens mentioned a majority of the crimes in Atlanta are being committed by those under 25 years old

Records show Little has been charged with various crimes in the past, including multiple assault allegations.

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