How many visitors can I have?


Sydneysiders will be celebrating Christmas a little differently this year – with coronavirus restrictions staying in place for the city.

NSW recorded another eight new cases of COVID-19 today – all linked to the Avalon cluster – from more than 40,000 tests.

The promising number gave Premier Gladys Berejiklian the confidence she and health officials needed to briefly and “modestly” modify restrictions for Christmas.

“We appreciate what a difficult time this is for everybody across the state, in particular our thoughts are with those who are already in isolation because, as we know, when you’re in isolation, you can’t have contact with anybody for 14 days,” Ms Berejiklian said.

But a tweak to restrictions on household visitors has confused many people.

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For the northern beaches peninsula zone – North of Narrabeen Bridge, and east of the Baha’i Temple:

  • There is a new reason for leaving home: to visit the home of others who live within this zone.
  • Up to five visitors (total, including children) will be allowed in homes as long as they reside in the peninsula zone.
  • People may not enter or leave this zone, unless for the four approved reasons already in place. ·
  • On December 27, the region will revert to existing restrictions.

For the remainder (southern zone) of the northern beaches –

  • There is a new reason for leaving home: to visit the home of others who live within this zone.
  • Up to 10 visitors (plus kids aged 12 and under) will be allowed in homes – this may include people from outside this zone, not including the northern beaches peninsula zone. That’s on top of the people who live in the household.
  • People who reside outside the northern beaches are allowed to visit others in this zone.
  • Residents of this zone may not leave, unless for the four approved reasons already in place.

For the Greater Sydney region, Central Coast, Wollongong and Nepean Blue Mountains

  • Up to 10 visitors will be allowed to visit a household – children under the age of 12 will not count towards the 10 person limit, nor will those living at the visited household.
  • Households are not permitted to have different groups of visitors throughout the day – they must stick to one group.
  • The regions will revert to its existing restrictions on December 27.

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Restrictions for regional NSW remain unchanged and the government will review all the Christmas restrictions on December 27.

The government will also crackdown on businesses not using an appropriate QR code system to check in patrons and customers.

As of January 1, 2021, hospitality venues and hairdressers will be required to use the NSW Government QR code system through the Service NSW app.

Decisions on New Year’s Eve and upcoming sporting events will be made after this Christmas period.

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