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Arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby is suing a Columbus construction company for more than half a million dollars over a stone façade, installed by a subcontractor at a new store in Colorado, that allegedly started falling off the building.

Bierman Contracting was the general contractor on the store at Castle Rock, south of Denver, which opened June 25, 2018, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court of Nebraska.

In it, Hobby Lobby’s attorney, Brent Meyer, said on Oct. 15, 2019, the store reported to Hobby Lobby’s facilities call center that large sections of the rock façade were falling off the exterior wall. 

He said the store’s project manager notified Bierman Contracting the next day, and five days later talked to the manufacturer of the rock and learned it had been installed incorrectly. Meyer said the masonry subcontractor had failed to use the right product to attach it to the building, did not use waterproofing, a notched trowel or use control joints.

He said Bierman Contracting said it was working to address the issue, then asked for proof that the rock required repair. So Hobby Lobby hired a structural engineering firm, which concluded the façade was “not acceptable and could present a safety hazard to the public.”

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In June, the company contracted with a masonry company to make the repairs at a cost of $510,917. And, in August, Hobby Lobby sent a notice of demand for reimbursement to Bierman Contracting, which hasn’t paid, Meyer said. 

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