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Social ballroom partner dance is comprised of various types of international dance, including the tango, cha cha and quickstep.

“Country dancing is one category, smooth dancing is another, Latin dancing,” Baltzer said. “So there’s different types within ballroom, and it kind of all focuses around the genre of the music and the style of the dance.”

With the YMCA’s basic class, Baltzer said the program is meant for people without dance experience. Starting with the basics, the class aims to teach people to use the dances in social settings.

“So that’s the goal with that,” Baltzer said. “And then in the advanced class, we will quickly review the basics and then just move at a quicker pace, adding turns and moves and getting it to just kind of the fun stuff that happens after the basics.”

Baltzer said teaching ballroom dance has brought her enjoyment, as she gets to watch people have quality, fun time with their significant other.

“I also hope when they go out into a public dance setting, so a wedding or a dance somewhere socially, that they would be able to hear a song and say, ‘Oh, I know what kind of dance goes with this music,’ and be able to go out on the dancefloor and just enjoy themselves, and they know what to do,” she said.

Oftentimes, Baltzer said people hesitant to take a class like ballroom dance due to the amount of courage it takes.

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