Footage emerges of man holding onto moving truck


Footage has emerged online of a man holding onto the back of a moving truck and then running through oncoming traffic.

The video was posted on Monday afternoon after the Adelaide Cup was held at Morphettville Racecourse.

The footage appears to be along Morphett Road in Morphettville, next to the racecourse in Adelaide’s inner southwest.

The footage shows the man, who is dressed in a suit jacket and chinos, hanging onto a vehicle that appears to be a horse transport truck.

The man then swings from side to side before jumping off, rolling onto the road in front of oncoming traffic.

He then runs across to the opposite side of the road, swerving around an oncoming car.

The majority of comments left online were about the man’s “stupid” behaviour, with people calling him a “w**ker”, “idiot” and a ”moron”.

Others were surprised he wasn’t injured or killed, with one person saying he must have “had a death wish”.

“That f***wit nearly got cleaned up by the 4wd! What a c**khead,” one user wrote.

“Guaranteed this guy has no clue how close he was to being pancaked,” another said.

“Stupidity to the next level,” a third posted.

“What a w**ker he is lucky the oncoming car didn’t hit him,” one reply read.

“I hope this unit is at home counting his lucky stars. He was about half a metre away from being a statistic,” another user said.

There were also other people who laughed at the footage, dubbing him a “hero”.

The video was posted to @justadelaidethings, also known as Sh*tAdelaide, and has more than 51,500 views.

Adelaide Cup Day in South Australia falls on the second Monday of every March and is also known as March Public Holiday.

GC Horse Transport were contacted and notified of the video.

SA Police were also contacted for comment.

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