Far-right group plans to disrupt President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration


Members of the Proud Boys are reportedly plotting to disguise themselves as Joe Biden fans to wreak havoc during the presidential inauguration.

The Trojan Horse-style plot was revealed on InfoWars alum Joe Biggs’ YouTube channel — on which the right-wing militants were ordered to “kick off this presidency with f*cking fireworks”.

The pro-Trump Proud Boys are a far-right organisation that has been accused of political violence.

In a November 20 episode of The War Boys, the group’s leader Enrique Tarrio instructs members to attend the inauguration in Washington DC and “take over”.

“Revolt motherf*ckers,” he said.

“Do whatever you got to do to f*cking get your tickets.

“You show up there in Biden gear and you turn his inauguration into a f*ckng circus, a sign of resistance, a sign of revolution.

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“You f*cking kick off this presidency with f*cking fireworks.”

In the first episode of the YouTube show, Biggs characterised the political divide as one between “good and evil”.

In the past he has branded Democrats as “con artists” and “evil scum” who “deserve to die a traitor’s death”.

Mr Trump is yet to acknowledge Mr Biden’s presidential win in the 2020 election, claiming — without proof — the Democrats cheated him out of winning.

It was previously reported that the president told advisers that he will not leave the White House on Inauguration Day, according to CNN.

Yet on Monday, the Electoral College decisively confirmed Mr Biden as the nation’s next president.

The presidential electors gave Mr Biden a solid majority of 306 electoral votes to Mr Trump’s 232, the same margin Mr Trump boasted was a landslide when he won the White House four years ago.

The Proud Boys have denounced the president-elect’s victory.


Violence broke out on Sunday in the streets of Washington after the group’s members clashed with their left-wing counterparts.

During the first election debate in September, Mr Trump did not clearly condemn white supremacist groups and their alleged role in violence in some American cities this US summer.

Debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Mr Trump if he was willing to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and tell them to “stand down” and not add to violence during recent protests in cities such as Portland, Oregon, and Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Who would you like me to condemn?” Mr Trump said.

“The Proud Boys,” Mr Biden interjected.

The president then urged the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”.

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America’s new president is always inaugurated on January 20, the year after the election has taken place.

President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in next month.

This is a date set by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution, meaning it’s enshrined in law.

Visitors to the Capitol and the White House in October would have noticed preparations underway for the ceremony while Joe Biden and Donald Trump were campaigning.

Low-flying helicopters were swooping around town as part of beefed-up security precautions.

The Architect of the Capitol is currently busy constructing the inaugural platform from scratch.

The platform traditionally holds more than 1600 people, including the president and vice president, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, and the outgoing president and vice president.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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