Family unharmed after East Nashville home shot multiple times


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – An East Nashville family was unharmed after someone shot at least 15 times toward their home.

Trevor Silva and his wife have lived in their home on Ninth Street for more than 10 years, but they said it hasn’t exactly been easy. More than 15 bullet holes along the bottom half of Silva’s home was there on Wednesday.

While police are investigating, the Silvas said there is a bigger issue.

“We’ve had two drive-by shootings when we first moved into the house in 2008,” Silva said.

Things got a little better throughout the years, but on Tuesday the Silvas said they were taken back. More than 16 bullet holes were scattered in their living room walls.

“We sleep right up there. That was the only saving grace,” Silva said.

While Silva and his wife were sleeping upstairs, they woke up to shots being fired at their house.

“I came downstairs slowly to see what was going on, but by the time we got down here, nothing was going on outside,” Silva said.

All they saw were bullet holes.

“This is not the biggest concern. Everyone is OK,” Silva said.

Instead of being concerned about the damage or his safety, Silva’s mind is somewhere else.

“I don’t even blame the people shooting. I know everyone wants to and it’s easy to do that, but I think there is a system that we need to really take a look at in this country,” Silva said.

Silva believes that shootings like these are a part of a bigger issue, an issue with underserved communities and a lack of resources for hundreds of people.

“No one was injured, and that’s the best we can ask for, unfortunately,” Silva said.

While the Silvas work to repair the bullet holes, they said they’re now also working even harder to better their community.

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