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Dinsoaur-themed light display found in Opelika

Bob and Christina Daughtry, and their dog, Lucy Belle, all smile in front of their donosaur-themed light display.

“Where I grew up, Thanksgiving is the night everyone would turn on their lights,” Bob said. “In my small little hometown, the downtown area would have lights wrapped around everything. I just take it to the extreme.”

Bob thinks about the display year-round, saying: “At least once a month, I’m on eBay typing in ‘inflatable Christmas dinosaurs.’”

“Another one will be out here tomorrow,” Bob said, laughing. “Are you serious?” Christina said.

As seen from the road, the inside of the Daughtry’s home is decorated, too. The couple say they love to see people drive by and take the time to enjoy the attraction.

“It’s a busy road, but we’ll sit there watching TV, and she’ll look up and call out “Slow-roller,’” Bob said.

“We were out here a couple of weeks ago standing in the driveway and a husband is driving, and the wife popped out of the sunroof to video it from one end to the other,” Christina said.

Christina noted the importance of decorating, saying, “I remember driving by houses as a kid; I remember it being a big deal to see all the houses lit up.”

Bob agreed. “We didn’t do a lot of decorating growing up  of course, we always had a huge beautiful tree  but I always wanted to do stuff outside,” Bob said. “Obviously, where I was at the weather’s a bit harsher.”

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