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Once we were all on the platform, Hamilton used the map, the soldiers and other props to give us a quick walk-through of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and the Russians’ response.

An advantage of virtual reality for teaching his subject is being able to make the instruction a little more lively, he said during the demonstration.

“Now history’s exciting again, not boring,” he said, after causing part of the map to burst into flames to illustrate the Russian scorched-earth strategy.

At another point in the tour, we were drifting in space in blank-visored, white space suits while colored globes darted about above us, bright in the black.

In the center was a nucleus of protons and neutrons, more or less docile, while bright blue electrons flitted about like kindergartners on a playground.

“This is a unique way to begin the discussion of what radioactive particles look like in space,” Muhsinah Morris, who teaches advanced inorganic chemistry for Morehouse, said.

Morris also showed us a room in which students could manipulate models of atoms and assemble molecules as an exercise.

Ethell Vereen, who teaches men’s health at Morehouse, said the interactive virtual models were a useful tool for teaching his students about men’s health. He can take them on tours of organs or whole systems within the human body to illustrate the processes that happen within them.

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