Dancer Gurdeep Pandher goes to CN Tower to bring Bhangra to new heights


Gurdeep Pandher took his love for dance to new heights Monday morning at Toronto’s CN Tower.

The Sikh-Canadian Bhangra dancer, who has travelled all over Canada while spreading the joy of the traditional South Asian art form on social media, led what organizers say is the highest Bhangra ever performed in North America, 114 storeys above Toronto. 

The Yukon-based performer led hundreds of people in the dance to help raise funds to help the United Way of Greater Toronto fight poverty. 

“We are creating joy, hope, positivity and happiness at this elevation in Toronto,.giving this message in the city and across Canada and beyond that joy is important,” Pandher said.

“Positivity is important, it’s healing.”

Gurdeep Pandher has taught Bhangra for several years, travelling across Canada to speak about his philosophy of joy, hope, positivity and inclusivity. (Grant Linton/CBC )

“Gurdeep’s work, to spread joy, positivity and hope has galvanized hundreds of people,” said Daniele Zanotti, CEO of the United Way of Greater Toronto.

“At this time of great need and a greater reliance on United Way, this event supporting our community and bringing positivity will make a real difference.”

‘A wonderful inspiration’

 Andrea Mulder, who took part in the dance, says she came to the event to meet Pandher.

“He’s such a wonderful inspiration to all Canadians,” she said.

“He’s brought the Yukon to us all across Canada; he brings joy and hope and positivity to all of us.”.

Pandher has taught Bhangra for several years, travelling across Canada to speak about his philosophy of joy, hope, positivity and inclusivity.

In 2016, his videos went viral, showcasing the dance and captivating viewers with his joyful energy.

“In modern worlds, there is so much going on,” he said.

“We have complex lifestyles, busy lifestyles; we sometimes don’t have time to find joy so I am here to create joy together with people.”

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