Covid-19 vaccination: Greg Hunt confirms change to booster program


Millions more Australians will become eligible for their Covid booster jab after the health minister confirmed a major change to the program.

More than four million Australians have automatically become eligible for their Covid-19 booster, after the federal health minister announced a major change to the program.

Greg Hunt confirmed that Australians will now be eligible for their booster dose three months after their first two courses of the vaccine, as opposed to four months.

A number of individual jurisdictions had already made this change, but Monday’s announcement reflects a national approach.

Mr Hunt said that meant an extra 4.2 million people were now eligible for boosters.

“We know that there are approximately 18 million doses available, and we have the capacity to inoculate everybody who is eligible, and we would encourage people to come forward,” he said.

“Now is the time. Please don’t wait. We encourage everyone to come forward.”

More to come.

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