Charlotte woman files lawsuit against Abbott alleging formula contributed to baby’s death – WSOC TV


Charlotte woman files lawsuit against Abbott alleging formula contributed to baby’s death

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte woman has filed a lawsuit against the nation’s leading baby formula maker.

Brianna Anthony is suing Abbott Labs, the makers of Similac.

In the lawsuit, Anthony alleges that Similac is dangerous to babies born prematurely. The suit also alleges Similac contributed to the death of her child, who died at 3 months old.

“Defendants’ products caused the injured infant to develop Necrotizing Enterocolitis (hereinafter “NEC”), a life-threatening and potentially deadly intestinal disease,” the filing reads.

The lawsuit goes on to say that higher rates of NEC have been found in babies born prematurely and those with low birth weights who are fed formula products like Similac and other cow’s milk-based products.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, NET is the death of intestinal tissue — it occurs when the lining of the intestinal wall dies and the tissue falls off.

Anthony’s is one of several lawsuits being filed against Abbott Labs across the country.

Abbott sent a statement to Channel 9 in response to Anthony’s lawsuit:

“We are sorry to hear this and our hearts go out to this family,” Abbott said in a statement. “Abbott has spent decades researching, developing, testing and producing formulas and fortifiers for premature infants, and countless infants have benefitted tremendously from these products. These allegations are without merit, advancing a theory promoted by plaintiffs’ lawyers rather than the medical community, which considers these products part of the standard of care for premature infants.”

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