Boy, five, walks for help after finding parents dead in home


A five-year-old boy took off in a desperate search for help after finding both his parents dead in a Townsville home on Monday.

The small boy raised the alarm of the death of a man and a woman in their 40s at about 9am on Tuesday morning in a tragic event police are treating as suspicious.

The child walked to a relative’s home in a nearby suburb, who then went to the home and told police of the deaths.

Detective Inspector David Miles said police investigations are ongoing but suggested the horrific scene was the result of domestic violence.

“At this stage we haven’t ruled out the involvement of another party, but all indications at this stage would appear that the incident involved the two parties that were present,” he told reporters.

“But certainly we won’t be confining our investigation to just that at this early stage.”

Police said the small boy was home at the time of the incident but had not been injured.

“Any death is a tragedy,” Detective Inspector Miles said.

“In this incidence, from what we’ve been able to identify, we have two people deceased, we have a young person who is without parents, and he’s obviously been subjected to an extremely tragic set of circumstances.

“Any investigation or event like this is obviously very disheartening and concerning for everyone who attends.”

Police are going through records to find out if there had been a history of domestic violence in the relationship and have asked for anyone with information to come forward.

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