Australia launches morning after pill home delivery contraception service


Women who might have been worried about tackling the emergency contraception task needn’t be concerned anymore.

The country’s first ever morning after pill delivery service has launched today, removing a lot of the barriers in place for female healthcare needs.

Australian women’s health service provider, Youly, also offers the delivery of the contraceptive pill, treatment of HSV-1 Cold Sores, HSV-2 Herpes Simplex Virus and thrush.

Newcastle-based general practitioner Dr Katherine Hanks said the service would empower more women to take control of their health and contraception without the apprehension that could be associated with going to their local doctor or pharmacy.

She said young women in particular could be nervous or embarrassed when discussing their sexual health with pharmacists and doctors, and as a result could miss out on important healthcare.

“This service removes a lot of barriers by providing a discreet, safe and convenient way of looking after their health needs,” Dr Hanks said.

“The physical separation of a telehealth consult can often alleviate a lot of the hesitation a patient might have if their appointment was in person and knowing they can have their medication delivered quickly, discreetly and securely to their door is another major plus.”

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Requests for emergency contraception and thrush treatments are reviewed and approved by a pharmacist, who will do a text-based consult if further information is needed, allowing women to avoid having to make a doctor’s appointment.

Those wanting the contraceptive pill and HSV-1 and 2 are reviewed by qualified Australian doctors who might also do a consult via text if further information is required.

To ensure suitability to access the service, patients are asked to complete an online health questionnaire.

Dr Hanks said the online platform provided positive progress for women’s healthcare in Australia and aligned with the growing need for increased accessibility of everyday items.

She said it would fill a major gap in the market for women at every stage of their lives, particularly for those in areas where getting quick access to a doctor’s appointment could be challenging.

Youly founder Nic Blair said the company’s mission was to empower Aussie women to have control of their bodies in a safe, supported and convenient way.

“We don’t believe women of any age should be required to have an uncomfortable experience when it comes to obtaining emergency contraception, yet the current process for many women is certainly that,” he said.

“I have heard countless stories of women having bad experiences, so we set out to see how we could change this and I’m proud to say that we have.”

The emergency contraception delivery service is now available to residents in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and the Sunshine Coast, with new locations being added weekly.

All other Youly services are available nationwide.

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