Aussie social media star Luke Erwin exposes Tesla problems


An Aussie social media star who bought a new Tesla has revealed why he will likely “ditch” the electric car.

TikToker Luke Erwin took to TikTok on Thursday to share his biggest gripes with his new Tesla Model 3.

In the clip, the content creator issued a warning for those considering buying the luxury vehicle, which costs around $90,000 in Australia.

The influencer noted that inside the Tesla was “boiling hot” because the sun shines directly through the glass roof.

Erwin then pointed out that there are hidden costs of upgrading the car’s internal system, ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.

“I didn’t know about that,” he said.

“Then you’ve got the superchargers,” he continued.

“Now if you thought the superchargers are cheap, or free, they’re actually not. So to charge this car would cost about $30.

“It will take 30 minutes from zero to 100 per cent full.”

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The TikToker said the “biggest disappointment” of owning a Tesla was the car’s charging stations, known as Superchargers.

“I thought all the Superchargers were free until I got the car and found out the Tesla Superchargers actually charge like crazy,’’ he said.

“You can’t stay in a Tesla supercharger when you’re not charging or it will charge you [money] as much as it is to get your car towed.”

Erwin added: “If the chargers are full when you get there, guess what, you’re waiting.”

He also pointed out the $10 subscription charge to gain access to YouTube, Disney+ and Netflix while inside the car.

After listing his problems with vehicle, the internet personality said was “probably going to go back to a petrol car”.

While pointing out the flaws, Erwin did say he thought the Tesla was a “good car” but has lots of “new things to get used to.”

He praised some of the car’s features including its storage, touchscreen features, and phone-charging capabilities.

The social media star ended his video suggesting he might do a “more positive” review but at the time he was “in the mood to roast it”.

Erwin’s video has attracted 514,000 views, with some people agreeing to keep their petrol car.

“Think I’ll keeping my Holden..,” one person wrote.

“I’ll stay with me petrol car,” another said.

“Thank God I got a Subaru XV Petrol. It has most of those features just not the ones u pay extra for!,” a third said.

Others said they would bother wasting their money on the luxury car.

“Wouldn’t waste my money,” one person wrote.

“I wouldn’t even bother,” another said.

“$60k-$80k for a tesla, or buy a $10-$20k petrol car. Spare $40k-$70k left over to pay for a lifetime of fuel…and that’s just on interest,” a third said.

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