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ATLANTA (CBS46) — Precious Marshall has her back against the wall. A hole in her house, caused by a car crashing into it while she was sleeping, has left her homeless.

“I was very frightened. I jumped out of the bed and hit the floor instantly because I thought the house was about to cave in,” Marshall said.

According to Marshall and police, a black Ford SUV somehow missed two trees before crashing and wedging itself between the two houses on Astor Avenue in Sylvan Hills.

A neighbor CBS46 spoke with said she saw the driver run away.

Due to the damage to Marshall’s house, she has been homeless for 4 weeks.

“Georgia Power deemed the home non-livable so they cut off the power and the gas and told me I’m not allowed inside the home. It’s overwhelming very, much so overwhelming, and it’s depressing. Because at the end of the day I still have nowhere to call home,” Marshall said. 

The fire department also deemed the house unsafe.

“I’m now in the situation with homeowners’ insurance trying to see if I could get temporary housing until they’re done remodeling the home but they told that it’s not included,” Marshall said.

Marshall told CBS46 police told her that the car was reported stolen and so as of now the cars insurer is not liable for any damages. 

“Red Cross provided assistance for a week and after that they told me there was nothing else they can do. Now I’m going from place-to-place or sleeping in my car.”

It’s not just Marshall who is now homeless, her three, three-month-old puppies are also homeless.

“They’re like my babies.”

She said the homeowner’s insurance company has been out to the house twice but as of yet hasn’t told her when the house will be fixed, meaning she’s having to endure the winter without a home.

“I don’t, I don’t really know the respectful way to put things. Other than please take my case more seriously than what you are because I’m in a diehard situation,” Marshall said.

In an email the home insurance company said it does not discuss customer claims with the public and that someone has reached out to Marshall’s grandfather who owns the house.

Georgia Power also sent the following statement to clarify why the power was turned off. 

The customer’s meter box sustained heavy damage as a result of the vehicle striking this home and the power was cut because of unsafe conditions.

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