After 2½ years, B.C. reopens its side of border-spanning Peace Arch park


One of British Columbia’s last remaining COVID-19 closures has finally been lifted.

Peace Arch Provincial Park, the nine-hectare park that straddles the B.C.-Washington state border south of Vancouver, reopened Monday after being closed more than two years ago amid pandemic-related border closures.

A statement posted by B.C. Parks says it has been working with the local First Nation, Canadian Border Services Agency, RCMP and other agencies “to ensure the reopening of the park occurs in a safe and respectful manner.”

The Environment Ministry, which is responsible for B.C. Parks, had said reopening the Canadian side of Peace Arch Provincial Park was a priority, but that the park’s “open nature” was making it difficult to ensure visitors were honouring border regulations.

The park is unique in North America as the only one where people from Canada and the United States can meet without crossing the border.

U.S. officials kept the Washington side, which is known as the Peace Arch Historical State Park, open throughout the pandemic.

It became a hugely popular gathering spot for families and loved ones separated by the border closure, raising concerns in B.C. about large gatherings of unvaccinated people.

A woman on the American side of Peace Arch Provincial Park in July 2020. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

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