$2 million jackpot for Oz Lotto


The first Oz Lotto draw for 2021 could change someone’s year with $2 million up for grabs.

Last year, there were 24 Oz Lotto division one winning entries who collectively took home more than $234 million in prize money.

The Lott spokeswoman Ally Ramsamy said only time would tell where the next Oz Lotto division one win would land.

“In 2020 there were 24 division one winners, including three from Queensland, eight from New South Wales, seven were from Victoria, five landed in Western Australia and one was from South Australia,” she said. “Who knows where the first Oz Lotto division one winning entry of 2021 will land?

“Imagine how your plans for 2021 could completely change after becoming a multi-millionaire? It would be a sure way to make sure this year would be an unforgettable one.”

Ms Ramsamy also recommended players register their entry.

“If your numbers are drawn, you’ll want to know you’re a multi-millionaire as soon as possible,” she said. “By registering your entry, your prize is secure and we can contact you with the winning news shortly after the draw.”

A player from NSW scooped up the entire $10 million Oz Lotto jackpot last week.

A South Australian man in his 40s was the last person to win $2 million in Oz Lotto back in November, with the life-changing news leaving him shaking.

“The first thing I’ll do is pay off the home loan. It will be done and dusted,” he said at the time.

“My partner and I run our own business, and we’ve been working extremely hard at the moment to get it going. This will make it just much easier and take the pressure off. It will be great to cut back down on work a little bit.

“I’m sure my other half will convince me to take a holiday too.”

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